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Swertres Results EZ2 Draw History August 2019

Find out here and analyze the different number pattern that was drawn in the month of AUGUST 2019 for the PCSO EZ2 Results ARCHIVE and Swertres Results History. You can see which number is hot for the 11am, 4pm or even the 9pm draw. The following results are for the month of AUGUST 2019. Included on this post are the EZ2 results archive and Swertres result history.

HOW TO USE: ex. if the result is 1 – 2 – 3, then the 1st = 1, 2nd = 2 and 3rd = 3. Number 1 will get 1x drawn for 1st position, number 2 will get 1x drawn for second position and number 3 will get 1x drawn for third position.